There are many instances where a horse can get a fracture owing to the fact that these animals walk and run at a high speed. It could be during horse race, slipping while glazing or running into each other or against a fence when scared. With this in mind therefore, it is paramount to understand the best steps forward in the case of a fracture or any other kind of injury

In the present day world and with the emerging of SynNutra Equine company who are specialists in horse supplements and treatment, shin fracture in horses is no longer a death sentence for the animals as it used to be in early days.

It is important to keep an eye on horses, health condition on daily basis so as to be in a position to identify any major or minor health issue that would require specialized attention. In case of of an injury or a fracture on the shin or any other body part, the first step is to call SynNutra Equine first aid staff to take care of the situation as well as advice on the necessary steps to follow.
Regular check up by a specialist is also important for maintaining good health in horses.